About Me

About Me


I am a reader, a writer, an architect, and (this is new!) a librarian.  I recently moved to Nevada City, California, home of so many amazing writers, into a small house on a road that is littered with writers, many of whom I have not even met yet.  I like to walk up and down the road in the dark hours of morning and absorb the sounds of so many pencils scratching and fingers pecking at keyboards.  (I am in denial that those noises may actually be crickets and frogs.)



I started this blog because:

  • I read too much, and
  • Writing about what you read makes you a better reader (not to mention a better writer), and
  • It sounds better to tell my family “I’m working on a blog post” rather than “Oh, not much,” when they ask me what I am doing on my computer all the time, and
  • There are plenty of book review blogs out there that turn into rants.  I have a journal for that.  This is a book review blog.  I’ll try to keep them separate.


The more I read, the more I can see the kinetic energy in books.  It’s amazing to me how much energy is lying encapsulated in a bound set of pages that sits dormant on your book shelf or your night stand.  That little 1” thick stack of paper may have the power to make you laugh so hard you shoot goldfish crackers out your nose, or make you cry so hard you want to have a glass of wine with your Wheaties in the morning just so you can rehydrate, or even change your life forever.  The thing is, you don’t know what’s in there until you open it up and start reading.  Hopefully this blog will give you some suggestions for books that will do all three of the above things for you.

Happy reading!


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